Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Danger Will Robinson!

I'm not in a good mood today. I snack like a fiend when I'm in this sort of a mood, and that is NOT going to be good for what I'm trying to do. I hope I can snap myself out of it soon, because I would really be down on myself if I start gaining weight back. :(

Monday, March 3, 2008

Stickin' to it!

I am doing pretty well on this slim-fast thing. Even yesterday I managed to have one shake for breakfast. Lunch was PBJ, but I just had the one sandwich. It's still difficult to maintain portion sizes, and to resist snacking in between mealtimes. Midmorning is the worst, I tend to run out of things to do work-wise around then, and the draw to just go take a break and have a snack is especially strong.

Random interjection - the guy I work with just got some chemical on his finger or something and he stuck it in his mouth BEFORE he rinsed it off. Stupid.

Anyway, here's another difficulty.. apparently the floor scales where I work.. they suck. I went to the doctor last week for a shoulder problem, and the scale there said I weigh 219. The next morning at work, the floor scale said 228. Now I KNOW I didn't gain 9 pounds overnight, and that's a bit more than I'd give myself credit for due to the weight of my boots, radio, etc. So I want to invest in a scale. The problem is that they don't tend to last long, and also we don't really have a place to put one without having to get it out of the cupboard every time I want to weigh myself. Still, it might be a nice way to track my weight, if I put a piece of paper on the wall and record it every time I weigh myself. I can see a bit better how quickly I'm losing, or even if I'm losing at all, and maybe give me a little more motivation to exercise. We'll see what I can work out. :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I stepped on the scale at work and was surprised to see that I have lost 2 lbs since that first weighing. I have had a few issues with hunger, but I'm doing my best to choose snacks at these times that are still good for me, i.e. yogurt, fruit, etc. Not donuts, candy, the sorts of things that I used to snack on. I have not actually started my exercise yet, hopefully once I do my next post will have a bigger number than 2 in it!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Has it really been that long??

August was the last time I posted anything here.. sigh. Well, I will have to check my ticker, but I'm pretty sure I've gained some since the last time I posted. I did not keep up well with my ideas at all. When the weather got colder, there was no more walking, I haven't touched my YBB video, about the only thing I've done with some sort of consistency is keep drinking coke zero instead of regular coke.

Anyway, I'm back in business here again, and this time (I REALLY hope) I'll be able to make some progress. My goal is still to get back under 200, but I'll take any sort of baby steps I can get until then. This morning I weighed myself (at work) and came out at 226. I get to take a couple of pounds off of that though thanks to the weight of my radio and steel-toe boots though, so I'm going to say I'm starting out at 224. 24 lbs to lose, and I'm hoping to have it gone by the end of the summer.

To that end, I'm going on Slim Fast. I actually started on that yesterday. I think this is going to be the hardest stretch, because I'm used to eating a lot more than I did yesterday. I had a shake when I left for work, some yogurt at breaktime, another shake around lunchtime, and a little container of applesauce in the afternoon. When dinner time came around, I felt like I was starving! I also had two cans of Coke Zero, one cherry and one vanilla, simply for the caffeine to keep me awake. But I tried very hard not to completely overeat at dinner. Hubby made roast turkey, and I had one piece, and some mashed potatoes with butter. Oh, and a piece of Boston Cream Pie for dessert.

On the exercise front, I plan on doing my YBB workout video when I get home tonight, and also on Thursday. Two days a week to start, and after a few weeks of that, maybe I'll start on Saturdays too.

So that's the plan.. here's hoping I can keep on it this time!