Wednesday, February 24, 2010

At long last...

I weighed myself yesterday and was at 236. I didn't want to say anything until today though, just because I wanted to see if my weight would actually stay there.

It didn't.

Today I weigh 235.

It's a good day.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Change! We have change!

And it's the wrong kind!

I'm up to 238.

I have not been doing well with my diet. At work still, fine, at home, not so good. We have candy bars that we bought from one of the kids at Andy's school, and I ate a whole one for dessert yesterday. Hubby is still doing well on the healthy dinner front, I've just been snacking on all the wrong stuff. It doesn't help that there are a bunch of things happening right now... our anniversary was Monday, my birthday is tomorrow, and Valentine's Day is on Sunday. We've had cake in the house almost all week, and I'm sure I ate more than my share.

I have a long weekend coming up... maybe I'll exercise.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday... whoops!

I'm stuck at 237. The scale wobbled a bit to 236 this morning, but settled down on 237. Yet again.

I did not exercise this weekend. I thought maybe I'd do something during the week, but so far nothing has happened on that front. I know I should, I just can't seem to actually DO it.

Maybe I'm just not ready for that step, but at the same time, my weight hasn't gone anywhere in quite a while now. I'll keep you all posted... but I'm probably not going to post again until I see a change. It's too disheartening to have to keep writing the same number again and again.