Friday, February 12, 2010

Change! We have change!

And it's the wrong kind!

I'm up to 238.

I have not been doing well with my diet. At work still, fine, at home, not so good. We have candy bars that we bought from one of the kids at Andy's school, and I ate a whole one for dessert yesterday. Hubby is still doing well on the healthy dinner front, I've just been snacking on all the wrong stuff. It doesn't help that there are a bunch of things happening right now... our anniversary was Monday, my birthday is tomorrow, and Valentine's Day is on Sunday. We've had cake in the house almost all week, and I'm sure I ate more than my share.

I have a long weekend coming up... maybe I'll exercise.


Sara said...

Sorry about the cake. :( I was worried that I was sabotaging you.

Good luck on getting back on track. Remind yourself how much you want your goal.

Carrie said...

Don't feel bad, Sara. After your cake was gone I bought another one that was chocolate and ate most of that too.

Sara said...

Oh no! :(

Skittles said...

I wish it was as easy (and tasty) to lose as it is to gain.

Sweet tooths have been showing up here, too. :(

Sara said...

Yeah, I against-my-better-judgement made chocolate chip cookies this weekend. Oh so yummy!