Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In!

231 again today!

I am extremely pleased with this. I think I'll be even more happy when that number drops down under 230. Maybe another week or two we'll see that happen, because this weight loss thing has been nothing if not gradual. Still, it's a gradual decline, and that's what counts.

I have been reading along with another blogger who calls herself Temerity Jane. She has been doing a project where she takes a picture of herself in a full-length mirror and posts it on her blog every day, in an effort to "either notice gradual change from my diet & exercise plan or, failing that, learn to like what I’ve got based on continual, unrelenting exposure." I admire her a ton for this, because I in no way have the cajones to post a picture of myself here every day. I am taking consolation in the numbers because I am still not comfortable with the look. From the front, I'm ok, but god forbid I turn sideways. Because then I get why people ask me when I'm due (which happened again last week, hooray).

This moment of self-loathing aside, she mentioned last week that she had downloaded an iPhone app that calculated her ideal weight, and that she had 85 lbs to lose. So of course I got curious, and since I don't have an iPhone, I Googled the idea and found a web site. I am about 5'7 1/2" tall, so I checked for both 5'7" and 5'8". The ideal weight for the shorter is 135, and the taller is 140. So in between there is 137.5 lbs. That's my ideal weight.

And what do I weigh right now again? 231. That's 93.5 lbs to lose to get to my "ideal" weight. 40% of what I weigh right now. Kind of daunting. I weigh almost twice as much as I should. Blech.

However, my first goal weight is much more manageable in my head. I mentioned before that I want to get under 200 before I start worrying about anything else. 31 lbs. One third of the way to my "ideal" weight. And when I get there I can look back at this post and be happy that I made it that far.

For me, right now, it's not about how far I have to go, it's about how far I've come. And I'm pretty proud of that!

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Sara said...

You should be proud! Good for you.

Everything I have always read says it is better to lose the weight slowly anyway. It is healthier for your body and it is easier to keep it off.

Know that I love you no matter what you weigh. :)