Friday, July 6, 2007

Boo :(

I've been doing very well with the walking, and the Coke Zero. My eating habits still need some work, but I've cut out the snacks from the vending machine at least. Unfortunately, I'm not seeing much of an improvement in my weight, so I'm getting a little discouraged. Not that I'm going to quit, but it's a little sad that the scale won't even drop down one number. I'll just have to keep on keepin' on, I guess.. and hopefully things will change in time.

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Sara said...

I agree you should keep on "keeping on". For both yourself and for me (I don't want to lose my walking partner! :) )
You probably should add something else to your weight loss effort. Like maybe adding more fruits and veggies, less candy/sweets, or more exercise (I hear even doing weights while watching TV can be helpful).
Make sure you don't feel too deprived though! :)
I'm rooting for you!