Friday, January 15, 2010


Still 236! It wasn't a fluke after all, yay!

I am pretty happy with how well this is going so far. I feel so darned good about myself that I actually organized my locker this morning. The top shelf was full of old magazines and stuff that I'd brought to work and forgotten about, even though I look at it two or three times a day. I've been working here for ten years, so you can imagine the clutter. So I pulled everything out and threw away what I didn't need, and put the rest of the stuff back in an organized fashion. There was suddenly room for the scarf I'm working on for Andy to replace the one he left at school before Christmas and hasn't been able to find since.

It was a beautiful thing.


Sara said...

Go Carrie!!!!

Linda said...

Good for you though I must say you've got me craving a big ol' steak right now and there's none to be found. Somehow I don't think the ground turkey I have planned for tonight is going to cut it!