Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Morning Weigh-in

The scale at work today read 243. Yesterday it was actually 245, not 249. I'm debating whether or not to change my ticker, because it would look like I've lost quite a bit, when really I don't feel like I've done anything different. I don't know how much my work scale is affected by things like my radio or my clothes in general, since I often wear multiple layers at different times of day. Ideally I should be weighing myself at home when I get up in the morning, but we don't have a scale since our last one broke. So I'm stuck with work. At least if I use the same scale every day, it should remain consistent to itself, right? Let's hope so.

Last night was my first step toward eating better. I stopped at Burger King to get dinner, but I got myself a salad. It was smaller than the picture on the menu made it look, but I wasn't hungry when I finished it, which is the goal anyway, right? And I got grilled chicken on it instead of fried. Of course, it came with a huge packet of ranch dressing, and I used the whole thing, which I probably shouldn't have done. But I can't nitpick myself too much right now, or I'll get discouraged. I'll just settle with being happy I had salad, and that I ate the whole thing, including the tomatoes, which I would usually not eat. Yay for me!

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Linda said...

Sounds like you have made a start in the right direction by ordering salad with grilled chicken so good for you! Baby steps!

As for weighing yourself every day, just my own opinion but I don't think that's a really great idea as a person's weight fluctuates so much it's hard to tell what it's doing when you step on a scale everyday. Plus it's easier to get discouraged. Once a week would probably be better as it would give you a more accurate reading but I know for some people, a daily weigh-in is the only way they can have accountability to themselves.

Personally I think scales are the tools of the devil as way back when I was Amanda's age I weighed 136 and still thought I was fat. Now I weigh more than 100 pounds over that and now for sure I am fat! I wish I could have enjoyed the 136 rather than having stressed over it before.