Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-in

236! *fist pump*

Some good news on a day when I woke up with a caffeine withdrawal headache. I've stuck to my guns with water and juice, plus a few ibuprofen. So far the headaches haven't been too bad, but I am hoping that today will be my last one. I get very cranky when my head hurts!

I brought cauliflower to work today instead of Wheat Thins. I noticed that a lot of the food I eat is carbs, so I'm trying to cut down on that. I tell you what though, if someone would package fresh pre-cut vegetables, they'd make a killing. I know that stores sell veggie trays, but I have yet to go to the store and see a package of cauliflower. Broccoli, yes, but not cauliflower unless it's frozen. Oh well. I can live with cutting it up myself I suppose. :)

1 comment:

Skittles said...

You've got me so hungry for cauliflower!

Hurray on the pound. I know that's got to make you happy. =)

I seem to be at a plateau already now that I've lost the initial water weight.

I wish we had a big Salvation Army store like ya'll have way out on Division. There was always exercise equipment for sale downstairs and I could really use a stationary bike or something.