Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Weigh-in!


I expected a gain. I splurged quite a bit over the weekend, and I am not ashamed to admit it. Emily's party was on Saturday and we had Little Caesar's pizza and cake. Then hubby and I went out to eat on Sunday and I could not resist a New York Strip and a baked potato. It was amazing and I do not regret one bite! The only surprise for me is that it's only one pound. I guess it reinforces the thinking for me that one doughnut will not make or break a diet. It's one doughnut (or more) every day that makes the difference.

I'm back on the wagon today. I had my half-a-bagel and peanut butter for breakfast and brought my vanilla Atkins shake and usual snacks. That bagel half looked so small this morning, it was hard to not just eat a whole one. But here it is almost 10AM and I'm still not hungry. I forgot my pop too, so that's out for today. After I finish the week's two-liter I might swear it off altogether, at least until I have to do more super-long days. We shall see!

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